Dr. Janine Sagert’s life has uniquely equipped her to help tell the story of combat veterans suffering from PTSD and their transformative healing journeys with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and medical marijuana. She brings to the role of Content Producer an uncommon blend of formal education, professional achievement, and personal experience that is infused with her indomitable spirit.

“It broke my heart to learn that so many of our veterans are experiencing PTSD and that most of them are not getting relief from their suffering,” she says. “Twenty-two veteran suicides a day! This is truly a national disgrace. I had to do something to help, especially knowing that in the course of my life I had accumulated the skills, experience, and knowledge to do so.”

Her own backstory provides many points of connection and empathy with veterans. Dr. Sagert’s father was a career army officer, so she grew up on military bases around the world. She’s a psychologist whose extensive academic career focused on clinical psychology and anthropology, including how various elements of culture influence mental health.

She’s had personal experience of psychedelics that were profoundly transformative, leading her to a lifelong dedication to exploring and expanding her own consciousness through spiritual practices such as self-inquiry and meditation. She’s even gone where precious few Western women have gone before: to remote areas in the Himalayas to live and study with a variety of yogis, further deepening her direct experience of higher states of consciousness.

Dr. Sagert earned a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, in “Culture and Mental Health” with a specialty in Altered States of Consciousness and Psychological Resilience. She also spent two years as part of a Harvard University School of Public Health research team investigating stress factors around the world.

In 1976, Dr. Sagert founded Time Out, Inc. and subsequently provided pioneering consulting and coaching services to a wide spectrum of organizations in the areas of stress management, leadership, and optimal performance. She’s conducted more than 1,000 seminars and coached more than 500 executives in companies across the U.S. as well as in Europe and Asia, among them Dell, Motorola, Dow Jones, and The University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

Even while achieving success and acclaim in academia and corporate boardrooms, Dr. Sagert’s heart and humanity have frequently called her to serve at-risk people “in the streets,” such as working in the inner city of Houston to apply neurofeedback as a tool to help crack cocaine addicts overcome their dependence on drugs.

Through it all, Dr. Sagert has remained dedicated to expanding her own awareness, elevating her consciousness, and developing her capacity to connect with, care for, and help people from all walks of life.