Camera, Sound & Editing
Luc Côté

Additional Camera
Rénald Bellemare
Christopher Beaver

Additional Sound
Chantal Rhéaume
Aaron DelGrosso

Original Music
Robert Marcel Lepage

Recording, Editing, Mixing of the Music
Robin Girard

Robin Girard

Ceremonial Music
‘Wacan Chan’ from the album ‘Tree of Life’
Loren Nerell: Ambient sound worlds, Indonesian Gamelan instruments,
all mixing and mastering
Mark Seelig: Bansuri flutes and vocals
Max Link: all percussion
Pankaj Mishra: Sarangi

Songs: The Phoenix
Composers: Bonnie Bishop & Arpini Sarkisian
Performer: Bonnie Bishop
Publisher: Plan BB Music (BMI) Songwriting With:Soldiers Music (ASCAP)

The Producers want to thank:
Songwriting With:Soldiers

Title sequence
Robert Audet

Editing Consultants
Denis Boisvert
Maxi Cohen
Aube Foglia
Nadine Fournelle
Michel Grou
Robbie Hart
Andrea Henriquez
Patricio Henriquez
Judy Irving
Jon Kalinda
Bobbi-Jo Krals
Mitch Schultz

On-Line Editing
Denis Boisvert

Sound Design & Editing
Claude Langlois

Audio Postproduction SPR
Foley Artist
Nicolas Gagnon

Foley Recording
Benoît Leduc

Audio Mix
Jean-Pierre Bissonnette

Communications Director
Carolyn Pritchard

Web & Poster Design
Lakshmi Narayan – Awake Media
Robert Audet
Susan Butler

Image for the Poster
The Journey Within by Cameron Gray

Fiscal Sponsorship
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)