Key Members

Janine Sagert, Ph.D
Content Producer

Dr. Janine Sagert’s life has uniquely equipped her to help tell the story of combat veterans suffering from PTSD and their transformative healing journeys with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and medical marijuana. She brings to the role of Content Producer an uncommon blend of formal education, professional achievement, and personal experience that is infused with her indomitable spirit.

Kevin Kraus

Kevin Kraus has been a businessman and investor for the past thirty-five years. Recently he started a new career as a producer. His first and most recent production, You Don’t Like the Truth: 4 days inside Guantanamo, was shown in more than 70 festivals around the world and won several international awards. It was also broadcast in dozens of countries. As an active participant in events such as Burning Man, and a practitioner of yoga and meditation, he brings a heightened awareness of new currents in the cultural zeitgeist.

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